Would you like to win more Magic tournaments in less time? 

The secret to tournament success is EFFICIENT SYSTEMATIC PREPARATION. The best players don’t always spend the most time preparing. But they have the best methods. Mediocre players test for hours and hours and hours using ineffective systems. Don’t fall for this trap.

I want to save you time. I want to cut your learning curve.

So I’m willing to share the EXACT tournament preparation methods I used to take Living End to 4th place at GP Oakland 2010, put Breach Post in Pro Tour Philadelphia Top 8, Green Summer to SCG Portland 2nd, Fogdoor to SCG Top 16, Top 8 GP Oakland 2014 with my brother, 2nd Place GP Portland with Black White Planeswalkers, and tune competitive decks that have won tournaments on 5 continents. While there are other pros out there with more numerous finishes than me, only a few of them have as high a tournament efficiency % with their own creations. And none of them are going to spill the beans… except me!

Tournament Success Video Course

1. Goal Setting for Success

1B. Keys to Top 8ing GPs

2. Most Efficient Testing Methods

2B. Preparation Science

2C. Desirable Difficulties

3. Sideboarding Systems

4. Meta Gaming and Priority Weighting

4B. When to Jump Ship

5. Planning The Tournament Weekend

jayke wells

jayke wells

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The mission of this 5 part video course is to teach you how to fish. Most “free” content out there costs you time and only gives you information about a specific deck for a specific metagame. This course gives you systems for preparing with ANY deck for ANY metagame. This will help  you in your next tournament and still help you in tournaments 5 years down the line! We want you to have the most efficient tools.

Commit to Insanely High Goals

 Make an Effective Plan of Action

Make Play Instinctual

✓ Keys to Preventing Tilt

Make Sideboarding Instinctual

Stop Wasting Time Testing

 The Best and Worst Times to Jump Ship

More Energy for Tournaments

 Better Physical Performance for Tournaments

 Avoiding Common Preparation Mistakes

BONUS #1- Limited Mastery Series

1. Keys to 3-0ing Premier Drafts

2. Keys to Winning Sealed Deck

3. Keys to Drafting Aggro vs Control

4. How to be the Alpha of the Draft Table

BONUS #2- Win More Series

✓ Mind Games- Attention, Suggestion, Persuasion


✓ How I top 8ed a Grand Prix with 0 Testing

✓ How to Win the Clock

✓ Keys to 3-0ing Premier Drafts

Tournament Success Series

10x Your GP Chances for Less $ than GP Entry

$60 to enter a GP

$57 to Win More




Q- I thought you were just a casual deck builder. Have you actually done well at tournaments?

A- I’ve qualified for the Pro Tour 3 times from 10 Grand Prixs. My 6 Pro Tour Median Finish is 81st and my GP Median Finish has been as high as 21st. Due to geographic location I could rarely play in more than 1 GP a year, so I made the most of each.

Q- I’m busy don’t have much time to test. Will this work for me?

A- Yes! This is designed to save you time. If money is your big problem then don’t buy this training. But if time matters and tournament success is important than this will help you maximize whatever time you have, no matter how little.

Q- Can I get my money back if this doesn’t work for me?

A- Of course! So long as you write me and tell me why it didn’t help you how you were hoping it would. But I recommend you give it at least month- results take time.

Tournament Success Series

$60 to enter a GP

$57 to Win More