Do you want to play on the MTG Pro Tour?

Do you want to break through to the next level in Magic? Are you taking action by playing in tournaments? Do you want shortcuts to accelerate your progress and get you there faster?

Imagine working with a committed community of Magic players all striving towards their goals. Imagine working directly with pros on a daily basis. Imagine getting the real dirt on testing and preparation you won’t find in any free article. How much do you think that would help you?

Our Mission-

Help players qualify for the Pro Tour and WIN the Pro Tour by 2017

We help you achieve your Magic goals faster, even if you don’t have much time or experience.

Magic Mastermind Coaches

Travis Woo

3 GP Top 8s 1 GP Top 16 1 PT Top 12 PT Decklist Top 8

Pro Content Producer, Youtuber, MTG TedX

Adam Yurchick


GP Houston CHAMPION, TCG Maxpoint Championship Champion

2 Pro Tour top 16s; Played in 26 Pro Tours; Knows how to get on the Pro Tour

Pro Content Producer (TCGPlayer), Has Epic Beardjosh bickle


Ben Friedman

5 SCG Invitational Top 8s, 3 GP Top 8s, 2 PT Top 16s

Versatile with multiple formats. Pro networking and clearing the PPTQ Hurdle.


Donald Smith

Pro Tour Top 8

2x Pro Tour Top 25

The Magic Mastermind

-Secret Highly Active Forum

-Video Play Feedback

-3x Weekly Group Calls

-Personalized Help

-Insider Information

-Group Accountability

-Live Team Hangout

Some of our players improvements-

chandler 2mastermind scott bunnellscott bunnell 2eric gmarionkenny knightjayke wellsdennisphil dawson


Qualifier Winners

franktestimonialsmario wins
sean pottengermastermind-winners-b1daveymichael wong


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