Physical Training for Mental Athletes

✓ Customized Exercise and Diet Plans

✓ Habit Training

✓ Group Accountability

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Basic principles of Game Shape Group Training

1. Group Accountability
Social support is a massive predictor of success. If we bring together a group of like-minded people and hold each other accountable at weekly intervals our chance of success improves dramatically.

2. Habit Mapping
It’s important to track what we’re doing if we want to change what we’re doing. This means charting out our days and our diets. From here we can start to adjust minor habits which over time snowball into massive change.

3. Commitment to Change
Every period we should make a commitment to identify and work on changing 1 key habit. Once that habit is locked in we will reap the long term benefits and can move on to the next one.

4. Relevant Knowledge
Finally we need to have the right information. It should be scientific and applicable- the science of habits, will power, diet, exercise, biology, physiology. Slow accrual is fine- it’s most important that we can act on the knowledge.


Peter transformed with lifestyle change


Bobby transformed on ketogenic diet



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