Want to build awesome decks that draw crowds?

Imagine going into battle with your own crazy creations. Imagine playing against net decking opponents who have no clue what you’re doing until BOOM you pull out something they have never seen before. All they can do is smile and shake your hand…  

In my experience, it’s the most fun part of playing the game. There’s nothing quite like it. Unfortunately, it took me over a decade to learn. But there’s no reason it has to take you that long. I can show you everything step by step and you will learn in 1/100th the time it took me.

So I’ve written you an EBook to save you time and accelerate your course. I share everything that I’ve learned as a 6 year professional deck designer to give you a massive edge over the competition. While your opponents will be (at best) reading random articles, you will have the proven methods for yourself.

Deck Mastery


✓ Make Your Strategy MORE CONSISTENT

✓ Build PERFECT Mana Bases

✓ Budget and Finance Guides (Save $)

WIN MORE with Your Own Creations

✓ Build New Competitive Decks

✓ Historical Metagaming Secrets


FEEL BETTER about Magic

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21 Sequential Chapters with Deck Crafting Exercises

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See you inside!

In the “Learning from Deck Crafting” course we will learn to-

Understand your strengths and weaknesses through archetype identification


Do what you want with a turn by turn strategy


Balance complex systems with simple processes


 Identify the essential elements to focus on


Progress faster via reduction

faether-vial21Save money by understanding the Laws of card prices


Make money by putting cards to work for you

(not guaranteed to make you money)

and much more!

For Less than the Cost of a Booster Draft



Chapter List

1) Purpose- Magic for Good

2) Exploring Deck Crafting Identities

3) Base Color Identity

4) Multi Color Identity

5) Stance- Aggro vs Control

6) Style- Cards vs Combos

7) Archetypes

8) Drawing From History and Networks

9) Synthesizing Strategies

10) Evaluating Cards- Solutions for Problems

11) Planning- Sequencing

12) Planning- Starting and Finishing

13) Managing the Mana Ratio

14) Managing Multicolor Mana

15) Deck Crafting- Building and Sculpting

16) Metagaming

17) Next Level Metagaming

18) Deck Budgeting

19) Deck Financing

20) Developing Your Signature

21) Application- Magic for Good

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21 Chapters

You are going to learn so much from this course and you are going to learn so much more from this game! I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned with you! See you in there =)

<3 Travis